by Jennifer Borrego June 17, 2016

This wall, has been an issue for me for the past 8 years! That is a really long time when your favorite thing to do is decorate your spaces! It just took me forever to find the right fit & it still needs something. Hopefully you can help with that after you finish this post & see where I am at now. Not shown is the art that I could not wait to get off of the wall. I felt a little bad because it was the ONLY art that my husband picked our for our house. It just didn't work with anything else and it was too small for the scale of the wall. At the time of this writing... It is listed on our local Craigslist:)
I know, super ugly!
We had considered different art, planking with wood, even putting in real windows.
A couple of weeks ago I started thinking about these 2 large windows that I had. They were from a demolition project in San Francisco (just being from SF makes them chic, right?).
I loved them because they were originally green. I DEF have a thing for green.
However, my house is green & the interior wall is a green grey. I could not hang them on the wall green. So I painted them with my Pure Home Paints Vintage Lace. This wall is big, & in my pile of randomness & salvage I had part of an Antique twin bed with carved flowers. I LOVED the carvings. I used one coat of Pure Home Chestnut Stain & brought it back to life. I mapped out this 14'w x 10'h wall with the windows centered & the salvaged bed piece as a crown.
A little math to map out where my pieces will goMapping out the center, and spacing
I always tell my girls that I LOVE math. This is the only reason why!
Windows painted & cleaned, I put D ring hooks on the back & used special screws into the wall rated high enough to support the weight. I got all dry fitted & squealed with delight as my girls celebrated my awesomeness! 
I was almost happy with them just like this!
I searched out, cropped, and mapped out my photo choices, made them all Black and White so they were cohesive even though they came from various periods of time & then got ready to mount them. I searched Pinterest first of course, but only found options of adding the clear photo corners to the glass & adding the photos. I didn't love the look. I ended up finding (you can purchase them here from my affiliate link) these clear acid free mini Glue Dots. If these photos were irreplaceable... I would have made copies of them and saved my original. The glue dots are fairly permanent. Oh I almost forgot. I ordered my photos in black and white luster finish with the white border from Costco. You must be a member to use their photo service. 
WARNING, MORE MATH. I measured my window panes 8.25"h x11.25"w, then I subtracted the size of my photos 5"h x 7"w  & divided the differences by 2 to get the center border for the photo. Math is my bestie! Once I had my numbers I mapped out my border onto a piece of card stock. The card stock does not have to be the same size as the window pane. It does need to have straight sides, do not use a scrap. I created a cross section & drew a straight line to create an intersection where the photo corner
would sit. Whenever you need to repeat an action a Jig is made for simplicity. Normally I use this for woodworking, but same concept.
I hope the explanation works. If not leave a comment & I will give it another shot!
I added the mini glue dots to the photo corners & used a repositionable spray glue (affiliate link) Scotch Spray to hold the photo in the lined position. & place the corner of the paper into the corner of my window pane. Check your positioning so you don't place upside down.
So just to recap...the black paper jig was sprayed with the spray mount. then the photo was place onto the paper jig & then the photo glue dots were added to the  front facing corners of the photo front to mount to the glass directly. Read that twice to make sure I make sense.
Photo face down with glue dots touching glass & attached to the jig paper with temp adhesive spray. 
Jig worked perfectly. I did not have to reposition even one of the 24 photos!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!
I still have one problem. This wall is STILL huge & I have about 4 feet of wall space on either side of the windows. PLEASE comment below to share thought on ideas regarding this large open space. Photo below.
**Update** I added shelves, mirrors, and some art.
you are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars
 E.E. Cummings Quote art available here.
Domino Art available here.


Jennifer Borrego
Jennifer Borrego


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