by Jennifer Borrego March 23, 2016

So many or my projects start with a hmmmmm, what would you like to be when you grow up? I know, it's a strange conversation to have with what you might see as an inanimate object. I just have not found a better way to describe my process than that. 

What would you do with one of these???

When I started on this project I felt pretty good about my plan to make it an industrial patio table & to add in some industrial looking wine storage made out of metal EMT. You could also use Black, or painted PVC pipe with a 4"diameter & glue weld together with PVC glue.

This Cable spool was huge, the kind of huge that required a fork lift to put it into the back of my truck, the kind of huge that dented my wheel wells while in my truck bed. Fortunately I am blessed with a strong husband & now a strong son who worked together sans fork lift to lower it out of the truck & into the garage. Girl Power is only enhanced by the strong men in her life.

Now on to the build.

 The spool had a 55" diameter top. Perfect for a family sized outdoor table! The bottom of course was the same size, I marked off a circle that still left a ledge for the bottom & got to cutting with my Ryobi Reciprocating saw. You could also use a jigsaw & have a  little less sanding afterwards.

Next with a little bit of prayer I cut out a section the size to hold my metal wine storage rack. Our rack was made by cutting a 10' pipe section into 10 equal cylinders that were welded together to make a wine rack. Additional metal was welded to the back of the wine rack. The side pieces were trimmed down & fitted back in to frame out the wine rack without gapping. (you could also use black, or painted ABS pipe with a 4" diameter

A friend stopped by & mentioned that the hole on top would be great for a draft tower. This set the ball in motion & the idea had to be born!

You can follow our affiliate links to find the pieces for the Draft Tower, the re-freezable ice blanket, and the Keg insulator

The side opposite our wine storage was cut & reassembled into a cabinet door. The space inside was just perfect for holding our pony keg, & a CO2 tank. Thank you Yolo Brew for the great beer to try out our creation!

The size of the hole on the table side of a spool will vary. If your spool is too wide for your draft tower, then we recommend cutting a piece of wood with a hole drilled out to screw your draft tower into.

If you are interested in ordering a custom spool table please call or email us at whimsy


Jennifer Borrego
Jennifer Borrego


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