by Jennifer Borrego January 19, 2017

We are eyeball deep in redoing my youngest daughter, Becca's, bedroom. Eventually I will have all of the elements shared here & will add them to the bottom of this post. This one is just about her new desk which was fashioned from items we had on hand here. I will admit they are not the items you will find in the average garage, but you may find inspiration from this post to be used with the franken items in your garage. 

Becca is 9, but far from average. She runs through books at the speed of a college student & possibly with the same comprehension. She is a Harry Potter Fan Girl (Or does that make her a JK Rowling Fan Girl) not sure. Her bedroom is Harry Potter Themed in a classy kind of way. Here is a sample of her bed that started it all. Gorgeous!!! desk-from-my-franken-bin

You can see her beautiful Deep Eggplant Dresser with it's own Harry Potter Surprise here.

Back to the desk...This room has me so excited I am all over the map...

My girl loves to write, she is currently asking a million questions about how a person makes a real book for the world to read. She is weird like that, we teach her to think limitlessly and just to figure out the way because there is always a way...And yes... this is supposed to be about a desk, but you needed to know why this desk is so important, right?

Her bed is fancy, her dresser is deep, and her desk needed to compliment them while fitting into a specific space & still leaving room to play (she is 9 after all). Such a desk needs to be quite custom. I always love the ledge desks floating on fancy Corbels, but alas I did not have any corbels, but I did have my some seriously amazing posts from this antique twin bed. They are amazing & quite old. 

I decided to use only 2 of the 4 available posts, which leaves me with parts for a future project. I cut a 1x4 a few inches shorter than the width I wanted for her desk top & painted it the same color as the wall we were screwing it into.  After locating the wall studs in the space where I wanted her desk I screwed it directly into the wall, this board is called a ledge board.


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It is very important to make sure you have the screws centered in the wall studs. I recommend a stud finder like this one, it helps determine the edges of the stud & then you can drill in the center. You can choose your ideal desk height based on standard heights. Becca is only 9 & not tall so I went with a 28"desk top height. The ledge board was leveled and screwed in at 27.25"h allowing the desk top to make up the other .75". Using my pocket hole tool, I made pocket holes that would eventually be used to hold my desk top to the ledge board. 

It is always a little scary when you cut a special piece of wood. When it is something you cannot replace the old measure twice cut once is a little more important than when you can buy another at Lowe's. These posts had decorative finials on top. I wrestled a little with whether to cut them to a flat and screw the desk top down, or if there was a way to incorporate them. Safe would have been flat, but we wanted special. First I used a round over bit on my router table to fancy up our basic pine top. Next I used my hole cutting attachment on my favorite cordless drill & cut holes in the pine desk top. The plan was to prop the fancy legs in the newly cut holes and have the finials peak through the top. 

desk-from-my-franken-bin desk-from-my-franken-bin

I always start a new project with a plan and a prayer. Then either give thanks for it working out... or thanks for the new lesson learned and skills earned. This time, fortune in my favor and it worked! I was so afraid it wouldn't I didn't even tell my husband what I was scheming until I had it all in place. He rather surprised when he work our girl for school and found the unpainted parts dry fitted in place.


I am often protective with new ideas. They are kinda like babies and you don't need people poking at them while they are infants...Yeah I am a little weird....

Here is her final desk & floating shelves (I bought those, easy enough to make, but cheap enough not to this time) I cannot wait to show you the rest!!!


Desk was painted & Top Coated with the only paint we ever use. Kristi Keuhl Pure Home Paints. Body done in Slate, details in Tahoe, and Matte Protective Finish was brushed on to protect. The Slate color is so amazing, you almost don't need a 2nd coat. Makes my life much easier:)

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From Franken Scraps to Custom Desk

Jennifer Borrego
Jennifer Borrego


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