by Jennifer Borrego December 06, 2016

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Warning, This is a pretty bad before photo! I actually hid this piece from my husband for a few weeks! I didn't want him to ask me what I was thinking!!!
I knew what was there...But I am not sure I could have translated it well
Rough, right?! But, oh so much potential. Not shown here was the crown. It arrived broken in half... I almost shed a tear. Fortunately it was a clean split and easy to repair.
I planned the cuts out a 100 times... so afraid I was about to destroy the footboard, & then finally I put it up on my sawhorses, popped the detailed trim pieces off by wiggling a flat trowel under them, then I snapped a chalk line in the center, and got out the circular saw. When it was in cut in half and still in working order I was so relieved!
Next I measured the headboard, planned out where we would be screwing it together, and made an interior frame to hold the mattress.
I used a 1x5 in the front and back section, 1x3 on the sides. They were screwed together with pocket holes made with my pocket hole maker. I could not function in the garage with out this tool! I then ran spare wood pieces across to support the mattress. 
Once assembled and sturdy it was time to make it beautiful. 
I started with an intense scrubbing with vinegar & water, followed by a rinsing wipe down of clear water, and then a just in case wipe down my my Magic Eraser. I use the magic eraser as a last step on most pieces. It really does help to make sue all old finish has been taken down.
I love color! And with this piece I did first try other PHP colors, but in the end I decided our Pure Home Paints in White Linen was the best color!
Lightly distressed and protected with our Matte Top Coat.
While I could have made a wood bench seat, I wanted comfort, so I had a custom upholstered cushion with removable cover made to fit the bench. Now it is a great place to sit and read while sipping your coffee, or chilling with your little monkeys.
This piece is not intended to be a normal bed, but for toddlers on down it could serve as a place to catch a quick nap. The cushion is the same size as a crib mattress.
Hope you love the transformation as my as I do! Thank you for visiting!
Curious, where would you use this in your house?

Jennifer Borrego
Jennifer Borrego


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