by Jennifer Borrego January 19, 2017

I have not been lucky enough yet to be driving down the street and find a pile of someone's crappy furniture to drag home and turn into someone's OMG I must have that...But, I do find plenty of random gorgeousness to bring home and store in my lair until I know why I needed it so badly.

I came across a twin headboard footboard that the store was selling in "As Is" condition. This normally means that they have slashed the price because all of the normal humans have passed by it enough times and just decided it is too much work. We like those pieces here at Whimsy and Wood! Twing_Bed_to_Multiple_Projects

She's gorgeous right? What you cannot see is that the center peak is broken on the back piece. "AS IS"

Originally I planned on using this for my teen daughter's new bed. Once I got it home it seemed too short for her room. I wasn't sad though. The bed had so many great features! I don't remember the how or why, but the portion with the broken peak came apart in a few places so I took the parts and put them in my franken bin. This is where I keep my random treasures of legs, trim, springs, and all of the randomness from past salvage projects. It's kinda my favorite stuff.

The first piece to go was the flowery top section, I used it in my living room gallery wall, you can see it here.

I have the center spindles available for our furniture painting classes and on my mind for new franken projects. I'm considering the completely intact bed to be used as an entry way wall hanging with hooks. We shall see. 

My most recent projects all seem to revolve around my youngest daughter's new bedroom space. I will be filling you in on all of the details of that as we get them wrapped up.

Can you believe the posts from this bed have been used as legs for her new desk? They were the perfect solution to our need for a desk in a small space. Check it out here.

I can't wait to figure out what else she will be sprinkled into.

Do you love a good upcycle? I hope you these ones help you look at randomness in new ways.


Jennifer Borrego
Jennifer Borrego


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