by Jennifer Borrego January 22, 2017

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We have a basic solid wood, round table with 4 chairs that sits between our Kitchen & living rooms. It is not vintage, it is used and abused and it was looking pretty worn. It is solid wood & it had a dark stain that was very close to the color of our floors. I used to joke that it looked like it just grew out of our floor. 

I have wanted to refinish it for a long time! Ever since someone gave my daughter Brooke "Miss Me" jeans. Rhinestones on the butt are not a great idea for wiggley kids on wooden chairs. With kids, pets, and two businesses there is always something else that needs to be done & this table was never high enough on the list.

This Christmas we moved the table from it's normal space and into my studio space in order to make room for our Christmas tree. When it was time to move it back I told my husband to wait because I wanted to clean it and paint it since it was already in my studio. I could almost here his mind saying can't we just move it now rather than wait 3 weeks to realize you don't have time?!?!?!?!?!? And, he was right... it did sit int he studio until this weekend, several weeks into the new year.

I really was wanting my studio back & decided to complete the little unfinished projects that are currently standing in my way. I have a terrible habit of shifting things to a new space in like a waiting list that I am almost ready to attack. My studio is has been the catch all for those spurts. Welcome to my home, just don't look behind the curtain type of thing. The other night my husband's boss was over & he almost opened my studio doors thinking they were the front door...I kinda shrieked...I'm sure that made a bit of an impression if the paint on my hands did not:)

This year I have been working on getting rid of unneeded stuff. Finding a place for the things that I do need, and wrapping up my current projects before taking on any new ones. It seemed to me that the best way to honor that was to complete the table, getting it off my list and me one step closer to reclaiming my studio space.

The table was a basic dark brown stained wood, ordered from JC Penney about 9 years ago, and the only "maker's mark" read, Hecho en Mexico. The table is well used, I began by scrubbing it with vinegar and water like all of our projects. I was a little surprised that it still had acrylic paints on it from a Girl Scout meeting that we hosted last year. Add to the list, have kids clean the chairs more often...

I wanted a finish that blended the kitchen and the living room together better since I did my Living room wall updates this year. I am not sure what to call my house style. I lean towards Industrial, Country/Farmhouse, Elegance...if that is a thing? 

You can see the Miss Me Jeans damage.

I always love the Restoration Hardware look & used colors that
my space to create a look that worked for me.Using our Kristi Keuhl Pure Home Paints in the neutral colors of Stone, Swiss Miss, and Cashmere

I began with 2 layers of Stone. This created just a basic base color of neutral gray.


Next I took a paint brush that some people might think I should have thrown away long ago & used it to dry brush a good layer of Swiss Miss all over the Stone. Generally when painting with our PHP products we use a damp brush. When dry brushing, you make sure your brush is as dry as you can get it. I use my old warn brushes that have splayed bristles and likely old dry white paint in them. The Swiss Miss layer I chose to brush on with only some Stone showing through. 

Swiss Miss over Stone 

Once completely dry, I followed with Cashmere over the 2 colors. The Cashmere is a warm deep beige. Lighter than the other colors in, but a little darker than the other whites in my space. Some spaces I kept the brush very dry, and in others a little wetter to blend, more than leave a heavy stroke. 

Cashmere highlights brushed over Stone & Swiss Miss


Once all was dry we used our matte top coat to seal it all & protect the new painted finish.


The table top is solid wood planked pieces. The old finish was so dark that it was hard to see the planks. While we can used our Pure Home Stains directly over an old finish, this he method would have darkened the existing stain. (This method is good for freshening up a stain) However, I wanted to lighten the old look a little and to show the wood grain better. This required sanding off the old finish. Using a 100 Grit Sand paper, followed by a 120 grit using my random orbital sander, it came off pretty quickly leaving a beautiful bare wood. We have several gorgeous stain colors that can be used as is, or can be mixed to deepen a color. I decided to use our Chestnut Stain. You can brush on with stain with a damp brush, or wipe on with a damp sponge. When covering an old finish, I typically use the brush on method. But, for bare wood, I prefer to use one of our sponges. On a side note. Our stains have no odor, they are 100% non toxic & can be used in doors. They also do not require any wiping off. You wipe on & can add layers until you reach the depth of color that you want! Also... the top coat is included in the stain. It is an all in one product.


Here are the finished pictures. I love how it looks in this space! Definitely more Restoration Hardware than Hecho en Mexico.





Jennifer Borrego
Jennifer Borrego


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