About Cling-On Paintbrushes

CLING ON! Brushes Totally Equipped for Water-Based Paints
(Taken from the Cling on Website)

Cling On! distinguishes itself from all other European paintbrush brands, applying different filaments, in different blends, not chosen for their price, but for their quality. In the end, that’s what a professional painter needs and that’s what a true tradesman wants to experience. The most important piece of equipment for a painter/decorator is his or her brush…which is held for most of the day

Cling On! brushes are developed not by a sales representative or marketing manager, but by a painter, who paints on a daily basis, bearing in mind legislation and actual practical frustrations while working with paints today. This resulted in a brush that does what it’s expected to do. The Cling On! brushes are equipped with top quality nylon filaments, supported by PBT fibers for added stiffness, both solid round tapered (SRT). The nylon filaments (Dupont Tynex) are extremely durable and suffer much less wear in comparison to other, mostly cheaper polyester filaments.

Cling On! brushes have unequalled shape retaining: after a few days’ use it doesn’t get the appearance of a hand brush or broom, but even after prolonged use (when properly cared for of course) the shape stays intact. In fact it only gets better! The brush delivers a nearly flawless job with any kind of paint! Spreading the paint is effortless, cutting in sharp as a knife creating a beautiful, full, smooth layer, covering better and flowing nicer.

You don’t need to clean a Cling On! brush every time. Never clean the brush and keep it dry. Always keep the brush hanging (without touching the bottom) and keep it wet. This way the paint cannot dry in and build up near the ferrule. The shape remains intact as long as possible and the brush is always ready for use. The filaments of the Cling On! brushes are specially dyed and treated for easier cleaning and even better bend recovery. Just hang them in your Brushkeeper and the next day you’ll see that almost all of the paint residue has left the brush and you only have to give it a quick rinse to be ready for take-off! Changing colors is easy and doesn’t require gallons of water to waste!