by Jennifer Borrego September 10, 2016

Just popping in real quick today to share a photo of one of our favorite kids & her amazing project. 

I don't watch the news much, I read the paper selectively (I choose to guard how much negativity and noise enter my world) . I do end up seeing local stories shared on my Facebook page. One story caught my eye because I saw my grocery store in the background. I think at first the sight triggered a little anxiety, because I HATE grocery shopping... Once it caught my eye I had to watch it. After all, maybe they were adding free home delivery & a chef. I am forever a dreamer!

The story featured a young girl named Leah. Leah had started a project to spread kindness. She was making rubber band bracelets and passing them out for free to strangers in front of our West Sacramento Nugget Market. Some people waved her away. I have told myself that they just didn't want to be on camera, there is no way ANYONE would wave Leah away other wise. She is a kind, thoughtful 10 year old with big ideas of spreading kindness. I was so proud of this young stranger! I showed her video to my girls right away.

At that time we were in the midst of our own kindness project focused on our local police department and sharing out gratitude for all they endure in the line of duty. (Story here) I emailed the news station with no response, then I saw a comment from her father on the new station's post, and reached out to him directly. Leah made us 80 "thin blue line" bracelets to show support! 

Leah only asks for ONE thing in return. That each person continues to pay it forward. The bracelet serves as a token of caring and kindness. Leah suggests that you make a kind gesture like purchasing a cup of coffee, or even paying a compliment and a smile. Then hand the person a bracelet and share her message that "In a world with so many issues, let's just show other people that they are valued." Just that simple.

Leah has received local honors from our West Sacramento Mayor, been featured on several media outlets, will have bracelets in Emmy Swag Bags, has mailed thousands of bracelets throughout our country and even as far as Australia! Leah recently flew across the country to had out bracelets at the 9/11 Memorial, and has inspired children and adults everywhere. Share her story with your children! Let them be inspired that small acts grow into huge movements. I know my daughter had been amazed that a little girl from down the street has made such an impact on our world!

We stopped by today to deliver a sign that we made especially for Leah. We added hooks to the bottom to hold some of her special bracelets. Leah had a Gofundme set up where you can donate to help keep her project going. They have a larger goal of making turning her idea into a non profit, they also used some funds to help pay for postage. They do not push their fund raising much on their own... so let's pay it forward by sharing it for them!! 

follow Leah on Facebook at join in the movement and share your stories of kindness. 

Link to one of her news casts


Jennifer Borrego
Jennifer Borrego


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