About Me

Hey there!
I am Jennifer Borrego, I am a mommy of 6, we are a loving hodgepodge of "yours, mine, and ours" ranging from elementary school to married with children.
Growing up I would NEVER have considered myself as a builder or a painter. Turns out you may not know these things until you are creeping on 40 & have started listening to your inner voice. Looking back there were clues that just took awhile to follow.
When I was 16, I shut my bedroom door, tore down all of the dark paneling in my room, then the unexpected 3 layers of wallpaper... About this point I had to tell my parents what I had started since I gouged my walls removing the wallpaper...Dad taught me to patch the holes and I was off to my first DIY room redo. Pinterest would have been a huge help!
Home ownership helped nudge me in the DIY direction (home upkeep can be expensive if you don't know how to fix things!) Then the opportunity to be on a reality furniture painting competition got me really excited to push my boundaries. Using furniture for my canvas has really felt very natural & exciting to me since my first piece!
At Whimsyandwood.com I share my finished projects available for sale, offer the full line of my absolute favorite paint brand, Pure Home Paints. Stories of my projects, processes, DIY home decor, and lots of the life stuff. I hope you feel loved, inspired, encouraged, and entertained by our time together. 
Welcome & Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to spend some time with me.