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Hi! Thank you for stopping in to see what my Crafty Friends and I  have been up to this month.

Recently I found the most amazing shade of red lipstick and I swear I have considered wearing it everyday!  Nothing like jeans a t-shirt and a fabulous red lipstick when you run to the market, right? Red is such a power color that can offer instant energy, and a delicious, energizing dose of confidence.

Isn't this a FAB color! And would you agree it would be appropriate for running to the market?!?!

A punch of red can elevate the energy of a room and feed that same energetic passion to the the space. While many would go neutral when faced with indecision...I tend to go bold & red is so universally loved that it is always a winner!

I picked this desk up from a man in his sixties & he said the desk had belonged to his grandmother. He was downsizing and didn't have the space for it in his new place. This style of desk was made in the late 1800's it is an Antique American Breakfront desk. The front drops down to provide the writing surface, the interior has drawers, slots for files or books, and fabulous cubbies for storage.

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To satisfy my need for a bold gorgeous color...Have you guessed what color I used, Yep, I chose red & went with distressing to keep the character of it's age. Really I just wanted to show off my lipstick:)

This desk is a true antique by age. Her dents and dings tell her story. I kept the nicks, dings, and ware. I only repaired a crack that ran down the full side of the top hutch that type of break is less romantic.

For the repair, I lined the pieces up as cleanly as I could. It was a straight clean break which definitely helped. I decided to make the repair stronger by adding a pocket hole at the base of the crack since I was able to get the screw in cleanly and it would be hidden.

I used my Kreg Mini which is a go to when repairing pieces like this. I absolutely recommend getting a Kreg jig for your tool collection, if you cannot afford the full set, the mini will still get the job done. The mini came with my set. I popped the mini into place lined up with the edge of my split board & drilled in my pocket hole.

Next I opened the split up and pumped my favorite wood glue into the crack from top to bottom. Pushed my pieces back together & clamped in several spots and directions. If you have spent any time here you know how much I love my Irwin clamping system. They make wood working solo a little easier with their trigger that tightens and loosens the clamp one handed. With the clamps in place and the wood lined up pretty well, I was able to insert the pocket hole screw.  

I let this section dry overnight while I began painting my desk base. The next day I sanded my glue joint with 120 grit paper and my random orbital sander to remove any glue and blend my seam. This seam was very tight & did not need any wood filler. If you ever do a glue up & need to fill any gapping you can use a wood filler to strengthen & blend your repair.

Now for the sexy part! I used our Razorback Red by Pure Home Paints. This red is gorgeous and depending on the glazes used over it can create some very different results. On it's own I sense a bright red with an orange undertone, when I added our Ebony Glaze, also from Pure Home Paints, it took on more of a scarlet shade. I wanted to lessen the intensity of the work space and create some balance for our . While passion can be helpful when pouring your soul into a novel, I hoped the balance of the neutral gray Storm (Pure Home Paints) would also bring some relief. (These Pure Home Products are available in our shop)

The cubbies were a bit of a pain to paint! I am 5'10", that equals hands that are proportionate...My ever helpful assistant Becca asked if she could help at just the right moment. She is 9 & had hands that were meant for getting into those cubbies. When her stamina ran out, I resorted to using a sponge with paint on it to get inside the narrow file slots. I always love these desks until I get the the cubbies and slots! 

I love how often this girl appears in this blog! Being able to work with my kids is such a blessing!


Are you loving my manicure? Paint dipped, it's the latest thing...


I always do my distressing after the paint sits just a bit, but before it gets too hard. There are many ways to sand, but when I am going for all edges and a little more beaten up, I find the random orbital to be the best fit.

Once my base coats dried, about 15 minutes on my final red coat, I got out my random orbital sander. I distressed the edges and used it to eat away some of the paint on the flat desk front. This desk has simple lines and the distressing helped give it some depth.

You can see the difference the glaze makes here. Knob on the right is unglazed, know on the left has ebony glaze. 

As I noted earlier, I finished the desk off with our Pure Home Paints glaze in Ebony. The glaze works as one layer of top coat protection for the paint. I was happy with the color after one coat & finished the piece by adding a final Top Coat layer with our Matte Protective Finish. Depending on the look you want, you could add a second layer of Ebony Glaze instead of the clear Matte layer. I like to always have at least 2 layers of protective finish. Every time I use Razorback Red I just find it to be so drool worthy. I just know that her next lover will be able to create magic while working with her as his muse.




Thank you for taking the time to stop in! 

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Jennifer Borrego
Jennifer Borrego


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